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A new start


ive taken some time to reevaluate my life and decide what’s really important..my health. for the past few months ive been talking about a lifestyle change and losing weight with no success because i was all talk and no action. i would say one thing and hold onto it for a few days, but then slip into old, bad habits, something that must come to an end.

i recently had my check up with my gyno and i talked to her about my weight gain and what else i can do to help reverse that and what else to do to set up a healthy life style. she mentioned the obvious healthy eating and regular exercise, but she also stressed the importance of the glycemic index as well as the insulin resistance which accompanies pcos. foods that are high in carbs and sugar will no doubt lead to weight gain in women with pcos which is why it is detrimental that we stay away from them. being back at school, im trying to workout some way to have low carb meals every day, but its still a work in process.

Something else ive been reading about is eating gluten free, something i am willing and want to do, and have had a successful start. basically, if you’re eating gluten, it is most likely a highly processed food which should not be eaten. if you’re truly eating healthy, you dont have to worry about gluten because whole foods like fruits and vegetables dont have gluten in them. i went grocery shopping and have found some snacks that are gluten free and delicious. By staying gluten free, ill be able to stay away from processed carbs, which is one of the main reasons why i have gained weight.

i know this is a lot for one post, but as it is my first full day on campus, i decided it was important to start off the school year right and i went for a jog around campus. i used my nike app to track my run and it came up to about 4.5 miles [i did not run the whole thing, i was just figuring out a good running path]. im working on setting up a goal for the end of the semester to work on my running time and to push me to work harder.

as for logging my food intake, i started new programs on both lose it and my fitness pal, and have been logging accurately and plan to continue to do so to help me track my carb and sugar intake as well as my calories consumed and burned. if anyone has these apps let me know so i can add you!!

im really looking forward to finally sticking with a plan, not just to lose weight, but to create a permanent healthy lifestyle and reverse my pcos symptoms


July 8, 2013


the holiday weekend really killed my routine and it was pretty rough trying to get back into the swing of things today. im not happy with how i ate at all!! it was allll carbs and sugar..the two things im supposed to stay away from, but i did manage to get in a pretty good workout. however, losing weight is only 30% exercise while the rest is how you eat and treat your body..clearly today i did not treat my body like i should have so you better believe i have 3 alarms set for tomorrow morning to get my morning workout in before work, and then i have plans for the gym later on. ive been making a lot of progress lately and i would hate to throw it all away by continuing the holiday eating/being lazy habits.

Important Quotes from Karen Roush!


while i will go into detail about certain tips that ive found very useful, i also just want to write down some quotes from the book, as they can be helpful without needing further explanation. if you have any extra time, i would recommend picking up this book, its a quick [120 pages] and easy read that really helps you understand all the aspects of PCOS..again the book is called “What Nurses Know…PCOS” By Karen Roush

“losing as little as 5 to 7 percent of your body weight can lessen many of the symptoms of PCOS” 

“losing weight isnt easy, and there is some evidence that for women with PCOS its even more difficult than for others. Many women with PCOS have a higher than normal level of insulin in their blood, and insulin promotes the storage of fat”

“Its the decrease in calories, not the composition of the died that leads to weight loss in all types of diets”

“you should have no more than 30% of your caloric intake come from fats”

“Several cities – New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, to name just three – have banned the use of trans fats in restaurant foods, and others are in the process of doing so”

“Vegetable proteins are better than animal proteins (meat): they have a positive effect on cholesterol levels and have been shown to lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure”

“in women with PCOS, exercise raises SHBG –  the higher your SHBG, the lower your testosterone. Exercise also reduces insulin resistance”

“One final word: patience. lifestyle changes require persistence. it will take time to reverse symptoms, and you may not see any real differences for months. But stick with it and improvement will come”




Detox Day 2!


im happy to say i stuck with my detox and had a successful day..even though i went to lunch with my dad and sister and had to sit there and watch them eat while i sipped on my water [i had my liquid meal before]. detoxing takes a lot of self control and determination, but the way i see it, if i can resist food now, i should be able to resist bad foods when im through.

since exercise is somewhat out of the question while detoxing [i went for a long walk today]; ive been filling my time with other activities like going to the library [which is a great (and free) resource for information as well as fitness videos]

i picked up a short book in the nonfiction section called: “What Nurses Know…PCOS: The Answers You Need From the People You Trust” by Karen Roush. While ive only gotten through the first chapter so far, its proved to be very informative and useful. i feel like i get the gist of PCOS, but this really explains everything in detail, and in a way that i can understand it.

as i go through the book ill be sure to take down some notes to share, as well as any new info i find.

as i will have more time on my hands, i am going to try and post more often..future posts including my workout play list, my vitamins [the ones i take for pcos], as well as anything else that comes to mind.

What not to eat with PCOS


as i feel as though ive been eating healthy, but no good is coming out of it, i started to do some research and see if there were things that people with pcos shouldnt eat. and what do you know, there are.

i looked at many websites and found the same things:

  • sweets [desserts, sugary foods]
  • soft drinks/sports drinks
  • processed grains
  • refined carbs

while this seems like a large chuck of things you can cross off your shopping list, there are also alternative to eat instead. for example:

  • instead of a piece of cake or a cookie, you can have sugar free pudding or jello
  • instead of powerade, you can have powerade zero
  • instead of white sugar and white flour, go with whole wheat, whole grain, or brown rice

most of the information i found is from this website:


it was really helpful and had many different categories talking about pros, not just what you should and shouldnt be eating, but medicines and exercises as well. so take notes and edit that shopping list!!!

Jillian Michaels and PCOS


jillian michaels is someone i look up to, not only for her physical fitness, but for achieving her goals with pcos. ive read some of her books and done some of her workout videos, but i did not know she had a youtube mini show, which i find to be very helpful. this is the first video i’ve watched of her about pcos, check it out: