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Facing Fears: Blood & Needles


I got home Thursday for my long thanksgiving break and decided it was in my best interest to finally get my blood work done to test all my levels including insulin & estradiol, the two I’m mostly concerned about. while this was an awesome time for me to get my blood work done, I also have a HUGE fear of needles and blood makes me queasy. despite my fears, I got my blood work done (closing my eyes and looking the other way).
I’m really excited to finally know exactly which of my hormone levels are acting up the most and by exactly how much. I think this will be a great step towards recovery and success.
I’m reading through Jillian michaels “master your metabolism” book as it gives a more natural way to balance your hormones, and I’m not sure if my doctor will be prescribing be any medication. but if there’s a natural way to help regulate my body, I’m all for it. I’ll try and post some of the great info I’m reading & learning from the book to help you all as well!! I’ll be sure to post again when I get my results from my test