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Future Plans


i said a while ago that i was starting the paleo diet to try and regulate my hormones and get my pcos symptoms under control, but i havent really been putting in an effort; the main reason i have not seen results in the mirror or on the scale. However, yesterday really sparked something in me, and i think im finally getting the hang of this whole eat like a caveman thing, and i think im going to be able to manage.

i picked up a couple new books at the library, one about the paleo diet so i can learn more about it, one about insulin resistance, and one about the glycemic index. im hoping these give me a better insight on how to fix all of my problems [and i will be sharing what i learn along the way].

as of right now, im planning on going full pale, no slip ups, just pure paleolithic eating for a month to really spark something in my body. As yesterday was the day that really worked for me, im going to do my month of pale from june 3rd to july 3rd..which also happens to be my birthday, and i would really like to see some results by then.

after that, i will be mostly paleo, but when im not, im going to eat gluten free foods only to keep my glycemic index in check. i was at whole foods today, a great food store that i love, and i found a whole isle of gluten free, organic food that i cannot wait to try.

going a month without mistakes and amping up my exercise regimen is going to be tough, especially when people around me eat whatever they want, but  i know i can do it and i know that i need to do it.




so i know ive been away for a couple of days, but i managed to secure a full time job for the summer and ive been doing some research on the paleo diet which ive been seeing a lot lately.

from what ive learned about pcos i know that both flour and sugar are really terrible for the condition due to insulin resistance as well as our body not being familiar to processed grains

so from what ive found in my research [as well as help from many of you], the paleo diet essentially involves eating like a caveman in the sense that you cant eat anything he didn’t [i.e. no carbs, dairy, sugar, etc.]. instead, you eat what he did [fruits vegetables and protein].

since ive had trouble in the past trying to lose weight while maintaining  a healthy diet, ive decided why  not give this a try. so starting tomorrow im going to start paleo as well as start back up my daily food logs as ive been skipping out on those as well. hopefully i’ll see some results!!