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Quote of the Day 4/9/13


“If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.” ~Unknown

i am one of many, im sure, who eats when their bored. THIS IS BAD. its very important to listen to your body to see when you are actually hungry. if you eat when youre not, you will gain wait, and if you dont eat when you are hungry, you will slow down your metabolism. This may seem like a complicated process because you dont have food available all day long, but its important to try your best and eat when its needed, not when youre bored.

the food you take in is an energy source for your body, and your body appreciates it when you take in just the right amount; not too much and not too little. while so many people stress how eating too much will affect you, eating too little will kill your metabolism so while its important to realize when you aren’t hungry, its also important to realize when you are.