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June 26, 2013


today was better than most, and i managed to eat well and exercise [something that’s been one or the other lately]. as one of my friends tweeted recently “i love the way i feel when i am working out and eating healthy but sometimes laying around and stuffing my face feels just as good”

thank god today was a healthy feel good day instead of laying on the couch eating chocolate feel good day. sometimes its hard to stay away from the sweets and the carbs, but you just have to think to yourself “how bad do you want this? how long have you wanted to be healthy and have the body of your dreams?” it all starts somewhere, and as little as one good day will bring you that much closer to your goal.

breakfast: egg white omelet [egg whites, reduced fat mozzarella cheese, smoked salmon, turkey breast]; green tea

lunch: salad [both fruit and vegetable]

  • fruit salad: strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe
  • vege salad: mesclun, chickpeas, grilled chicken, balsamic vinegarette

dinner: salmon, broccoli, craisins

exercise: i did myself a favor and went to the gym straight from work as i tend to slip up when i come home from work and all i want to do is eat. i ended up doing the stair master for 25 minutes and burned 554 calories!! after that i did a little bit of weight lifting and hit the showers.

i love the way i feel after a healthy day, definitely better than an unhealthy day; so i just have to hold onto this feeling and remember how good i felt when im too lazy to exercise or im craving chocolate, and before i know it, ill be looking great once again.



June 9, 2013


today was a good day for me..i managed to get two workouts in as well as eat healthy and paleo and even had time to make some egg & turkey muffins for the morning.

breakfast: egg white omelet with chicken, salmon, and avocado; 1 cup frozen raspberries; green tea

lunch: protein shake

dinner: broccoli, salad, chicken breast

dessert: paleo cookie [will post recipe soon]

as for exercise..i went to the gym earlier today and did intervals on the stair master for 40 minutes which was not fun..and i also thought my legs were going to fall off, but i burned 611 calories so it was well worth it!!!

after that i did ab work for 20 minutes, and then at the end of the day i did a mile and a half road run since it was so nice out.

in total, i burned 785 calories while exercising today, which is great and made me feel awesome, and i cant wait to continue this pattern all week

May 30, 2013


im happy to say i started to get my act together today and im setting myself up for a good and finally successful month in june. instead of eating whatever i wanted when i came home from work, i decided to stay away from the house and kitchen where there is an unlimited amount of food for me to eat and decided to try something new, so a co-worker and i went to a small place called Naked Greens. as you can tell by the name, its all about salads and the green food that is good for you. so instead of divulging at home, i had an awesome salad, and also convinced myself i was not hungry any more when i got home and therefore did not need to eat any of the cookies i saw on the counter.

on top of that, i also woke up this morning for a successful 6am insanity workout, and it was literally insane. insanity has got to be one of the hardest workouts ive ever done and while i did take some breaks, i finished the whole thing [not before almost passing out a couple times]. you really do feel accomplished after one of these workouts, and i think that’s why the rest of my day was so successful.

breakfast: 3 egg white & turkey muffins, green tea, high density green drink

lunch: 3 oz chicken breast, carrots, celery, lentil chips

dinner: salad [ mesclun – type of lettuce – cucumber, carrots, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, grilled chicken, balsamic vinaigrette]

exercise: insanity [40 minute workout]

i also managed to drink water throughout the day [more than usual because i was constantly peeing] which is really good for the body and i am going to try and continue to do every day.

im working out a june calendar that i will be posting as soon as i finish up, and I’m basically trying to keep my schedule busy to stop any chance i would get to over eat, as well as adding more exercise to really start seeing some results. im making the full calendar now, but i know plans change, so im going to repost a weekly schedule on sundays to edit any changes

Day 24: April 24, 2013


im finally starting to feel back on track. i love how good i feel when i eat healthy and get enough exercise. i just have more energy and feel better about myself. hopefully this compels me to continue with success so i can feel good all of the time.

breakfast: egg white omelet with mozzarella, high antioxidant berry drink; green tea

lunch: salad [mixed greens, grilled chicken, chickpeas, cucumbers, carrots, fat free italian dressing]

dinner: sandwich [wheat bread, turkey, american cheese, lettuce]; side salad with lite italian dressing

Day 18: April 18, 2013


So today i started my refund carbs, processed grains, sweets, etc. free diet to try and improve my health and to attempt to reverse my pros. today was a success in my eyes, so lets hope i keep continuing like this!!

ive also been reading about having multiple smaller meals throughout the day being better for you than just 3 big meals. though it wont always be possible for me to do, im going to attempt to do it on my less busy days.

meal 1: egg white omelet with mozzarella, green tea

meal 2: Turkey sandwich [whole wheat bread, 2 oz. turkey, 1 slice american cheese, lettuce]

meal 3: small salad with lite italian dressing, pistachios

meal 4: sugar free pudding, organic animal crackers, reduced fat cheese stick

exercise: spinning class

ive made a new goal of eating only 100 grams of carbs a day, as it is the carbs that worsens pcos, and today i went over a little, reaching 103, but i think thats a good start. i also think i was slacking on the protein today, and eating more protein will make me more full and make less room for extra carbs, so ill be working on that tomorrow

as for my exercise: ive been talking a lot about interval training and how its better than steady slow paced cardio, so i decided to do a spinning class. i used to love spinning at my gym at home, but its hard to fit the classes in with my current schedule, but i think its worth the effort to try and squeeze it in because is a 45 minute high intensity [according to your instructor] workout that will involve intervals whether it be changing your resistance or changing your speed. its also nice because you have a trained instructor telling you what intervals to do, ensuring that you get a good workout.

Day 17: April 17, 2013


i woke up not feeling too great today. not because im sick or anything, but because i woke up feeling like im not making any progress, even though i had burned over 700 calories yesterday. im not sure if this is just a feeling im having today, but we’ll know for sure tomorrow when i weigh in

breakfast: safslim, green tea, egg white omelet with mozzarella

lunch: safslim, protein shake, high density green drink

snack: multigrain bagel

dinner: turkey sandwich [wheat bread, 2 oz. turkey, 1 slice american cheese, lettuce], salad [lettuce, cucumbers, lite italian dressing]

exercise: treadmill [interval training – was so hard, going to take a while to get used to. i only completed 4 out of 5 intervals, but im hoping when i do it again on saturday ill be able to make all 5]; stationary rowing machine; arm exercises; pushup challenge: 3 sets of 6 pushups [sad to say my arms were shaking]

im proud to say that i did not get my usual weekly wednesday ice cream and i was able to hold back..which i plan on doing for the rest of the semester.

ive realized its very hard to eat well at college seeing as you dont choose what foods are served, and theres usually a limited amount of options. i cant wait to be home and be able to do my own shopping and choose what i eat for the day. hopefully it will make my weight loss easier and more effective.

tomorrows my weigh in, and im pretty nervous because i dont feel as though ive lost any weight. while its only my second week, i know i shouldnt get discouraged by what the scale says in the morning. i know im working hard and doing the best i can, and all i can do is make sure next weeks results are better.

Day 16: April 16, 2013


breakfast: safslim, egg white omelet with mozzarella, green tea

lunch: protein shake, fat free strawberry greek yogurt, safslim

snack: gnu mini fiber bar

dinner: pasta, nachos [bad choice, but i only had a little and didnt have much to choose from]

dessert: sugar free pudding and organic animal crackers

calories consumed: 1500

exercise: 3.5 mile jog/walk; elliptical [20 min]; ab work: 715 calories burned