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The Struggle Continues


its really frustrating when everyone around you, friends, family, even people you dont know are losing weight with no problem while im struggling to lose just one pound. i was talking to one friend today who has lost 16 pounds..in maybe a quarter of the time ive been working at this and ive barely managed to lose 2. on top of that, my sister, who i watch eat bowls of ice cream while i stare at my salad has managed to lose 6 pounds, no problem.

my weight keeps fluctuating up and down a pound and i just feel worse and worse about myself. i work twice as hard as them and i dont even see half of the results that they do. how many books and articles and blogs do i need to read and how many doctors and specialists do i need to see for something to finally start working? its been two and a half months of trying to help my pcos and lose weight so i can be the healthy weight i used to be and nothing has worked.

sometimes i wonder if all this work is worth it if im not even losing weight


June 9, 2013


today was a good day for me..i managed to get two workouts in as well as eat healthy and paleo and even had time to make some egg & turkey muffins for the morning.

breakfast: egg white omelet with chicken, salmon, and avocado; 1 cup frozen raspberries; green tea

lunch: protein shake

dinner: broccoli, salad, chicken breast

dessert: paleo cookie [will post recipe soon]

as for exercise..i went to the gym earlier today and did intervals on the stair master for 40 minutes which was not fun..and i also thought my legs were going to fall off, but i burned 611 calories so it was well worth it!!!

after that i did ab work for 20 minutes, and then at the end of the day i did a mile and a half road run since it was so nice out.

in total, i burned 785 calories while exercising today, which is great and made me feel awesome, and i cant wait to continue this pattern all week

Day Fifty-Three: May 23, 2013


today as i was packing up a lunch for work, i realized there wasnt much food left that o could eat, so im definitely going to have to go shopping tomorrow and im going to try and look up some paleo recipes so my meals arent all the same.

breakfast: egg white omelet with smoked salmon; frozen berries

lunch: turkey burger with avocado

dinner: turkey burger with avocado [i know, same exact thing as lunch, but i didnt have many choices]; salad

dessert: cup of frozen berries

im happy to say i made it to my 6am spinning class and my legs are already sore..thats not stopping me from signing up for tomorrow’s 6am class though!!

What not to eat with PCOS


as i feel as though ive been eating healthy, but no good is coming out of it, i started to do some research and see if there were things that people with pcos shouldnt eat. and what do you know, there are.

i looked at many websites and found the same things:

  • sweets [desserts, sugary foods]
  • soft drinks/sports drinks
  • processed grains
  • refined carbs

while this seems like a large chuck of things you can cross off your shopping list, there are also alternative to eat instead. for example:

  • instead of a piece of cake or a cookie, you can have sugar free pudding or jello
  • instead of powerade, you can have powerade zero
  • instead of white sugar and white flour, go with whole wheat, whole grain, or brown rice

most of the information i found is from this website:


it was really helpful and had many different categories talking about pros, not just what you should and shouldnt be eating, but medicines and exercises as well. so take notes and edit that shopping list!!!

Day 9: April 9, 2013


though im cramming for exams, i still managed to get a little exercise in today. As it was yet another beautiful day, i decided to go for another run and go a little farther and push myself. though i didnt run the whole think, i still completed 2.75 miles which is a real achievement

Breakfast: egg white omelet with mozzarella, lemon tea, safslim

Lunch: grilled chicken, broccoli, whole wheat toast with smart balance butter

snack: protein shake

dinner: salad [lettuce, chicken, whole grain croutons, fat free ranch]

dessert: 2 dark chocolate granola thins [natures valley]

caloric intake: 1274 [37% protein; 34% carbs; 29% fat]

exercise: 2.75 miles; 326 calories burned