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Detox Day three


i know its not the end of the day, but i know ill be able to get through my whole day of detoxing today, so im posting early.

i woke up this morning feeling a little sick. i know i had been developing a cold before i started detoxing, but im not sure if i felt poorly from my cold, the detox, or a combination of both [ive detoxed before and never had a problem]. no decision is final yet, but i am thinking about starting my recovery days tomorrow as my body clearly is not happy with me at the moment, and my health is whats most important.

listening to your body is key, and doing something that makes you feel off can be detrimental to your health. while i know a 7 day detox would be better to rid my body of the toxins i obtained while at school, i know my body would benefit more from recovering. Im not looking at this as a loss, as there are 4 recovery days, making this a full 7 day detox instead of 7 days of juicing with 4 days of recovery [11 days is a long time as well]

I also plan on getting back to the gym starting monday [with the recovery now ending sunday], and i think being fully done with a detox before i start high intensity exercise again is really important and wasnt something i thought of before.

Besides the detox, ive gotten further in the book i picked up at the library, “What Nurses Know…PCOS” by Karen Roush, and ive gotten a lot of useful information from it and have been taking some notes that i think would be really beneficial to share.

as there are a lot of notes, ill be posting them throughout the week, and hopefully this new information helps you all as well


And im back!


well finals were long and stressful to say the least, but im happy to say im home for the summer with no more back pain! ive been catching up on my sleep this weekend and am reprogramming my system around being home, as well as starting my detox.

i do the martha’s vineyard detox diet [can be found online or in your local library] which combines high density and high antioxidant green and berry drinks to 1. get rid of the toxins in your body, and 2. ensure you get the correct amount of fruits and vegetables in a day. it is an all liquid diet, which can be challenging, but it is truly rewarding in the end.

im starting my detox today, and it will last 7 days. after that, i will have 4 recovery days in which i will reintroduce foods to my body, but they will only be certain healthy foods.

from there on, im going to work to keep my body toxin free by staying away from processed foods and getting enough fruits and vegetables as well as exercise.

as my diet does consist of only liquids, its important to limit exercise as too much will cause your body to go into starvation mode, and you also have the risk of fainting, so im going to stick to toning exercises rather than doing cardio.

this diet takes a lot of sell control, determination, and motivation, as it is hard to resist foods that are in front of you all day long. however, im determined to finish the full 7 days!!