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Twitter Account!!


im aware that i have been seriously slacking with my blogging, but ive had a really busy and hard schedule this semester, so to keep myself motivated, i started following some fitness accounts on twitter and they’ve been amazing. so i decided, why not make one myself?? im not saying that by doing so, i am giving up on blogging, its just a quicker and easier way for me to stay focused and help myself and others and it’d be really cool to see who else i can get to join me or who is already out there! so this is my twitter name: @BornFit_Fighter   i figured it was appropriate as it is a real fight for me to be healthy and fit, but i know i am going to get there and that im going to feel great when i do. so i hope you guys check out the twitter community and @ me if you do!!


Jillian Michaels and PCOS


jillian michaels is someone i look up to, not only for her physical fitness, but for achieving her goals with pcos. ive read some of her books and done some of her workout videos, but i did not know she had a youtube mini show, which i find to be very helpful. this is the first video i’ve watched of her about pcos, check it out: