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My Long Break


i decided i needed to take a break and get myself refocused on what’s important in life: my health, not just physical, but mental as well. being stressed about my weight and how i look has been sending me on an emotional roller coaster, one i dont want to be on anymore. yeah it would be great to lose some weight, but being happy and in a good mind set is detrimental to that success and i wont be going anywhere without it.

ive done a lot of thinking and ive come to the conclusion that my binge eating is a result of 1. stress 2. being an emotional eater 3. not being happy. im working on ways to channel those feelings into something else, like running [which is what i used to do] instead of taking it out on the snack cabinet.

i have to realize that no one is perfect and im going to have my up and downs on my quest to try and reverse some pcos symptoms and get my old body back; even more i have to stop getting down on myself about how i look. beyonce doesnt have a thigh gap and people praise her like she’s god. she has curves and is still beautiful. things like that are something that i need to be thinking about instead of the upcoming victorias secret fashion show.

while i do have a busy schedule at school, im going to do my best to keep on posting consistently to help myself and anyone else whose out there and struggling like me.

as Zig Ziglar said, “Put all excuses aside and remember this: YOU are capable.” im capable and im worth it and im going to crush my goals.


A break from blogging


It’s kind of depressing to me that I’ve said I’m going to start my lifestyle change back in April and while I am doing better, I’m no where near where I should be. My health is something that is extremely important in my life and I have not been taking that serious enough. Yes, I’ve had a hectic and stressful summer, but excuses are for the week. That being said, I’m taking a break from blogging to 1. move myself back into school and 2. reevaluate how important this is to me and why I haven’t been successful thus far. when I come back I plan on being determined , posting every night and finally sticking with my healthy lifestyle.

Logging & Blogging


i know ive been mia for a while, but between working 40 hours a week, having class 8 hours a week, and family visiting lately, ive been really busy. however, that’s no excuse for slacking on my diet even though being busy cuts into my workout schedule. its important to remember that 70% of weight loss comes from dieting, while only 30% from exercise, so working out less often hasn’t helped me, but it won’t hurt me either.

even though i have been busy lately, i know that both logging and blogging are important because they’re really what keep me on track. without some type of order or pattern, i tend to slip up more and make poor choices. so to help me out a little bit, I’ve figured out how to blog using the app on my phone, meaning i wont have to wait to be home and on the computer to blog, and im also starting to use my favorite app Loseit! again to track my caloric intake as well as the calories i burn in a day. ive been using this app since 2010 to believe it or not and i love it. if anyone else has it, let me know and ill look you up! i think it’d be great motivation to know other people using the app and i would definitely start logging every day like i used to.

i leave for school in 2.5 weeks, so im going to start coming up with a food/exercise plan. as ive said before, the gym at school is HORRID and dining hall food is probably unhealthy and processed everywhere. not having a kitchen again this year will force me to be on a meal plan once again. however, my dorm is a lot farther from classes, so i will definitely be walking 3+ miles a day going back and forth which is a plus, but is also bad if im running late..

im going to work really hard to make this year at school a lot healthier and a lot more active than last year and i cant wait to get started

im backkk


i took some time off from blogging as i was really discouraged in not seeing any results since april and i decided i really needed to figure out what was going on with me, what was working, and what wasn’t..and now im back!!

losing weight is a difficult task, and trying to lose weight while you have pcos is even worse and i had to realize that this is going to take a while and its going to be really hard, but not impossible. i’ve decided that its consistency that’s what’s important and i wasnt being consistent before. i would be perfectly healthy one day, but then derail the next and so on. i think that’s really stunted my progress, and from now on im going to try and be as consistent as possible.

i also realized that yes, i have been working out a lot, but thats not what losing weight is all about. its only 30% exercise while the other 70% has to do with your diet. i was focusing so much on how much i worked out that what i ate didnt seem as important to me any more which was a HUGE mistake. but the best thing about making mistakes is that you learn from them, and im now shifting my focus more on the foods im eating rather than the calories im burning.

before i took my break, i was attempting the paleo diet, but i realized it just wasnt for me. carbs are what really hurts us, but telling myself i cant have any made me want to eat them more than when i wasnt doing paleo. im obviously going to keep my carb count down, never going over 100g a day, and ive been eating gluten free whenever possible, and i actually really like it.

all in really just here to say im not giving up..nor will i ever. you’re only given one body. so take care of it.

The Struggle Continues


its really frustrating when everyone around you, friends, family, even people you dont know are losing weight with no problem while im struggling to lose just one pound. i was talking to one friend today who has lost 16 maybe a quarter of the time ive been working at this and ive barely managed to lose 2. on top of that, my sister, who i watch eat bowls of ice cream while i stare at my salad has managed to lose 6 pounds, no problem.

my weight keeps fluctuating up and down a pound and i just feel worse and worse about myself. i work twice as hard as them and i dont even see half of the results that they do. how many books and articles and blogs do i need to read and how many doctors and specialists do i need to see for something to finally start working? its been two and a half months of trying to help my pcos and lose weight so i can be the healthy weight i used to be and nothing has worked.

sometimes i wonder if all this work is worth it if im not even losing weight

Old Habits Die Hard


I’ve been alright with my diet lately, but today I went back to my binge and emotional eating. I’m going to say most of it came from feeling discouraged that I’ve Ben at this for two months now with no results, but it’s also true that you can’t be upset at the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do.

I knew summer was coming and wanted to be confident in a bathing suit again, but now, two days away from June..I’m not much better than I was in April. Sure I lose a little weight, but it creeps right back.

I really need to stay more focused and realize what’s more health or the box of cookies staring at me when i get home from work.

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this every month, but I really do need to step it up in the month of June and set a routine I will actually follow that will actually give me results.

I know this is a fully mental process, so the next two days I’m going to try and plan out a June calendar that I will be able to follow.

As I have been feeling discouraged lately, I’ve also stopped my reading, and the pcos books were really helpful. I’m going to start that back up again and finally find a paleo book so I can stick with this diet and get rid of those stupid carbs!!

The fact of the matter is: I need to he my shit together and I need to get my ass in shape. No more excuses, no more slip ups. I know hard work will pay off..I just need to get to it and stop being lazy.

Small break


on friday night, i had back spasms which are extremely painful and that i tend to get time to time. I’ve been resting and it does feel better, however i know i usually need a full week to recover. as i also have finals this week, ive decided to take a break from blogging for a bit [just til next monday] to rest my back and focus on my studies. i will however, continue to eat as healthy as i can. see you may 13th!!



I was at Whole Foods the other week and noticed a product called Safslim, which has a line of “rebody weight loss products” While I am quite skeptical when it comes to diet pills and tricks, i did some research. The main ingredient in the Safslim i purchased, which was the Belly Fat Supplement, was safflower oil, which is high in mono/polyunsaturated fats [aka the good ones]. It is supposed to reduce belly fat and help maintain a healthy weight. Obviously diet and exercise is needed as well in order to achieve such results.

After contemplating for a while, i decided to try it. I started my use today, and as per directions, i am to take one tablespoon before meals twice daily. I’m anxious to see how it works, as the patent for the product is still pending and is a relatively new product.

An added bonus is that it tastes good and has three different flavors to choose from, but you must refrigerate it after you open the bottle.


For more information about safslim products, here is their website: