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June 9, 2013


today was a good day for me..i managed to get two workouts in as well as eat healthy and paleo and even had time to make some egg & turkey muffins for the morning.

breakfast: egg white omelet with chicken, salmon, and avocado; 1 cup frozen raspberries; green tea

lunch: protein shake

dinner: broccoli, salad, chicken breast

dessert: paleo cookie [will post recipe soon]

as for exercise..i went to the gym earlier today and did intervals on the stair master for 40 minutes which was not fun..and i also thought my legs were going to fall off, but i burned 611 calories so it was well worth it!!!

after that i did ab work for 20 minutes, and then at the end of the day i did a mile and a half road run since it was so nice out.

in total, i burned 785 calories while exercising today, which is great and made me feel awesome, and i cant wait to continue this pattern all week


Future Plans


i said a while ago that i was starting the paleo diet to try and regulate my hormones and get my pcos symptoms under control, but i havent really been putting in an effort; the main reason i have not seen results in the mirror or on the scale. However, yesterday really sparked something in me, and i think im finally getting the hang of this whole eat like a caveman thing, and i think im going to be able to manage.

i picked up a couple new books at the library, one about the paleo diet so i can learn more about it, one about insulin resistance, and one about the glycemic index. im hoping these give me a better insight on how to fix all of my problems [and i will be sharing what i learn along the way].

as of right now, im planning on going full pale, no slip ups, just pure paleolithic eating for a month to really spark something in my body. As yesterday was the day that really worked for me, im going to do my month of pale from june 3rd to july 3rd..which also happens to be my birthday, and i would really like to see some results by then.

after that, i will be mostly paleo, but when im not, im going to eat gluten free foods only to keep my glycemic index in check. i was at whole foods today, a great food store that i love, and i found a whole isle of gluten free, organic food that i cannot wait to try.

going a month without mistakes and amping up my exercise regimen is going to be tough, especially when people around me eat whatever they want, but  i know i can do it and i know that i need to do it.

Breakfast of Champions


i am a very firm believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so ive been working on making it my healthiest and my most protein filled and id say todays breakfast at 220 calories and 40 grams of protein, it was a success.

i made an egg white omelet with chicken inside of it and a slice of smoked salmon on top, and then cooked a piece of chicken sausage for an extremely low carb low fat breakfast. [if i had spinach i wouldve added that too].

having a good and healthy breakfast sets you up to eat right for the rest of the day, and having this much protein keeps you fuller for longer, stoping you from snacking when you shouldn’t.

i got into an argument with my dad because he eats plain cheerios every day for breakfast and while he argued that it lowers your cholesterol, its also all carbs and does not keep you full at all. i encourage everyone to step up their protein game and have healthier, protein and vegetable filled breakfasts

May 28, 2013


i forgot to mention yesterday that i had started insanity! it is suuuch a hard and good work out..i was sore yesterday just from doing the fit test..but i cant wait to see how ive improved in the next two weeks [when i will be doing it again]. my goal is to do insanity when i wake up in the morning before work every day. however, im not going to be afraid to switch it up when i can [like today i did 6am spinning and insanity after work].

even though ive been doing paleo, i havent seen much better results than before, so i think i need to step up my exercise game, which is why, like today, im going to try and work out twice; before and after work a couple of times a week [i dont want to run my body ragged]. this way, i can switch it up between insanity as well as classes the gym offers and my own work out routines.

im also going to keep a closer eye on my carb count as ive been eating more fruits than vegetables [im addicted to frozen berries] and my carb levels have been higher than i would like. any suggestions would be helpful!!

i also wanted to mention a new snack and [i think] paleo friendly snack: lentil chips. i saw them at the store and knew from experience that lentils are very good for you, and then i saw the label said gluten free and the ingredients listed bean flour as the main ingredient. im hoping these are okay because [while they do have carbs] they are low in fat while being high in fiber and they have protein.

New Recipe!! Egg White & Turkey Muffins



I said I was going to try and find some new recipes this week to stop the constant, same meals I’ve been having every day. While I cannot credit myself to this recipe (found it on Pinterest), it’s delicious and will be sharing my form of the recipe. It’s super easy and quick as you only need 2 ingredients: egg (or egg white) beaters, and cooked ground turkey.

At only 150 calories for 3, 4g fat, NO CARBS, and 26g protein, this is an extremely PCOS and Paleo friendly recipe

You will need:
18 oz liquid egg whites or egg beaters
6 oz cooked ground turkey
(Seasonings if you wish)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Spoon 2 tablespoons (1/2 oz) ground turkey into each muffin cup (don’t forget Pam or baking cups)
Pour 3 tablespoons eggs over ground turkey
I added some pepper to the top of each, but add whatever seasoning you would like
Bake for 18 minutes

The serving size for these is 3 many times can you say you’ve eaten 3 muffins for only 150 calories??
The nutrition info is the following (for 3 muffins)
150 calories
4g fat
40mg cholesterol
272mg sodium
0g carbs
0g fiber
0g sugar
26g protein

Today’s Breakfast



Today’s breakfast involved:
An egg white omelet with spinach, chicken, smoked salmon with some garlic and dill along with chicken sausage and a cup of blueberries.
At only 300 calories it was a filling 39 grams of protein and was extremely delicious (low fat as well)
Making healthy breakfasts like these set me up for a full day of healthy eating and they keep me on track.
It also doesn’t hurt that it’s extremely delicious and makes paleo that much easier.
Although I have been sticking with paleo, my meals have been pretty constant every day, eating pretty much the same thing, so I’m going to try and switch it up a bit this week and use the long weekend to look up some recipes.
You can also see some vitamins in my breakfast picture, and I’ve been meaning to post them and how they help with pcos, but I’ve been really busy. My goal is to have that post done by the end of the weekend.
Enjoy Memorial Day!

Day Fifty-Three: May 23, 2013


today as i was packing up a lunch for work, i realized there wasnt much food left that o could eat, so im definitely going to have to go shopping tomorrow and im going to try and look up some paleo recipes so my meals arent all the same.

breakfast: egg white omelet with smoked salmon; frozen berries

lunch: turkey burger with avocado

dinner: turkey burger with avocado [i know, same exact thing as lunch, but i didnt have many choices]; salad

dessert: cup of frozen berries

im happy to say i made it to my 6am spinning class and my legs are already sore..thats not stopping me from signing up for tomorrow’s 6am class though!!

Day Fifty-Two: May 22, 2013


i woke up feeling completely body was definitely thanking me for getting my full 8 hours of sleep. sleep is very important and can also be one of the reasons you’re having trouble losing weight, so im going to try and get my full regiment every night.

as for eating today, i managed to get my carb count down, but i still don’t have enough protein!!! so im going to have to figure something else out to make sure i get enough

breakfast: omelet [3 eggs, chicken, pepperoni (not a big fan, it was just in the fridge), and spinach]

lunch: chicken roll-ups; sunflower seads

dinner: turkey burger, bowl of berries

exercise: treadmill intervals, ab work

ive been noticing that i rarely get sore after the gym, and since my gym membership was just reinstated, im going to start taking advantage of all the classes they offer starting off with spinning tomorrow at 6am. while its really early, morning workouts are always my favorite, at thats hard now that i have work starting at 830. i have my alarm set and have to go to bed EXTRA early to get my 8 hours, but i think i can do it.

Day Fifty-One: May 21, 2013


Today was a successful day two of paleo, though I do want to try and figure out how to add more protein I to my diet. Even though I’m not eating any processed carbs, my carbohydrate count is still going over 100 due to me eating more fruit. So I’m going to have to figure out some way to add in more healthy meats.
I also know that it’s more beneficial to eat multiple small meals throughout the day, so I am going to try and do that as much as possible.
Meal 1: apple; omelet (1 egg, 1 egg white, spinach, avocado)
Meal 2: turkey roll-ups
Meal 3: chicken roll-ups, carrots
Meal 4: celery; trail mix (sunflower seeds, raisins, craisins)
Meal 5: salad, turkey burger
Dessert: frozen berries
Though I am trying to work out more, I’m taking the day off from the gym as I realize my body is exhausted. So instead, I’m going to bed early to try and get a full 8 hours of sleep