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They Say it Takes 21 Days


I’ve heard so many people and websites say that it takes 21 days to make a habit out of something, just a mere three weeks and you’ll be hooked on a routine. So I’m challenging myself to have 21 good, not perfect, days to start off a good habit of constant exercise and healthy eating instead of this stop-go routine I’ve made for myself now.
when the 21 days are up, if I’m still craving processed carbs and sugar, then so be it. But if I’m as successful as I hope, skipping a workout or eating a cookie will be out of the question.
As I mad sure to mention before, I’m aiming for good, not perfect days. Trying to be perfect is 1. impossible and 2. puts too much stress and pressure on you. it’s important to remember that you’re not on a diet, you’re changing your lifestyle, so a great every once in a while wont kill you.
I really need to start treating my body better; you only get one, and the better you treat your body, the better you will feel about yourself and the less pcos symptoms you’ll have to encounter.
I’ve kinda been off my blogging game lately, but I want to make it a goal to blog on every one of my 21 days to motivate myself and hopefully motivate others to do the same as well.

That being day one (today) was pretty awesome. I stayed away from the unhealthy food and managed to get a pretty good workout in. I’m really looking forward to seeing some results in 21 days (which will be August 13).
For breakfast I had green tea, lemon water, and a protein shake
I didn’t have many options for lunch as my parents aren’t going food shopping until Friday –we’re having a lot of family over this weekend so it’ll be a real challenge to watch what I eat–so for lunch I had strawberries mixed with raisins and peanuts
Finally for dinner I had salad with grilled chicken and ceasar dressing ( not the best choice I know)
as for my exercise for the day, I wet to the gym and ran on the treadmill (ran 1.5 mi, walked .25, ran .25 to equal 2 miles) and then finished off with some abb and leg exercises.
I love leaving the gym feeling accomplished which I did today. I’ve avoided the treadmill a lot lately and it felt really good to start seeing myself build back up to being a runner again, even if it was only a mile and a half


Keep the Good Days Comin: July 15 2013


I’m really pleased with myself today. I was able to get in a really good workout and ate well too. It’s all about creating a pattern, and before I know it, I won’t even want to have that cookie for dessert and I won’t dare skip a workout.
I started off this morning with some frozen raspberries, a protein shake, lemon water, and green tea. Both green tea and lemon water have been proven to boost your metabolism, so I’m making it a point to drink them both every morning (and every night when I can).
For lunch I had a salad which included my favorite type of lettuce (mesclun), plenty of chicken breast, and some balsamic dressing. I also brought some lemon water to work with me and had been sipping on it all morning.
After work I went straight to the gym because I know my faults always start right when I get home from work, so keeping myself busy stops me from the unnecessary carb overload I might have indulged in. At the gym I warmed up with the stair master for ten minutes and then did a great spinning class. To me, group exercise is one of the best things to do because one, you’re with your friends, and two you’re more motivated to stick with whatever you’re doing. I ended up burning over 800 calories by pushing myself as hard as I could and I feel amazing.
Recovering after the gym is really important, so I made sure to stretch and have a good dinner. For dinner I had steak, broccoli, as well as more salad. A little while later I had an Italian ice for dessert as they are much lighter than their ice cream/frozen yogurt counterparts and they’re only 100 calories!!
I’m really proud of my results today, but I have an extremely busy day tomorrow where I know I won’t have time to work out, so I really need to pay attention to what I’m eating because no extra calories are going to be burned.
Today I ate 95g of protein, something I like to see. I want to feed my muscles in order to get rid of my fat, so I’ve been making sure my protein intake is the highest of my fats, carbs, and protein.

July 8, 2013


the holiday weekend really killed my routine and it was pretty rough trying to get back into the swing of things today. im not happy with how i ate at all!! it was allll carbs and sugar..the two things im supposed to stay away from, but i did manage to get in a pretty good workout. however, losing weight is only 30% exercise while the rest is how you eat and treat your body..clearly today i did not treat my body like i should have so you better believe i have 3 alarms set for tomorrow morning to get my morning workout in before work, and then i have plans for the gym later on. ive been making a lot of progress lately and i would hate to throw it all away by continuing the holiday eating/being lazy habits.

June 2, 2013


I’m really happy with myself for how well I treated my body today. I ate well, getting plenty of fruits, veges, and protein, and worked out twice!! I did insanity in the morning before work and then after work I did some cardio and took a class called xtreme training at the gym..which was extremely difficult but so worth it. I ended up biting over 1300 calories for the day, something I’ve never done before.
I’ve been weighing myself often as my weight keeps fluctuating, but I weighed myself today and I’m back down to 157!! if I can keep this pattern going I’ll hopefully reach my goal..just 17 pounds left. It won’t be easy, but I’m gunna do it!