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Say Yes to the Dress


yesterday some of my friends and i were watching say yes to the dress where a few girls were looking for brides maid’s dresses and one of them had pros. it was really sad watching her struggle as she had been diagnosed a year earlier and gained 100 lbs. she didnt like what she saw in the mirror and wished she looked like she had before.

i could completely relate to her story as i look in the mirror, all i can see is a fat girl who used to be in great shape with a nice body. however, she did also make me feel better about myself as she gained 100 lbs in a year while ive gained 20 in two. it gave me motivation to really get a hold of my pros, because in a few years, i dont want to be the unhappy bridesmaid trying to find a dress that fits and looks good.


Quote of the day: June 27, 2013


“you dont get what you wish for, you get what you work for”

here’s to working hard today to look and feel better tomorrow. i know everyone wishes they could burn calories by sitting on the couch watching tv or lose 10 pounds over night, but the reality is that you have to work for everything you want to get in life, regardless of what it is. nothing, especially weight loss will be handed to you, and it is one of the hardest obstacles to overcome, so work hard and never back down!

June 26, 2013


today was better than most, and i managed to eat well and exercise [something that’s been one or the other lately]. as one of my friends tweeted recently “i love the way i feel when i am working out and eating healthy but sometimes laying around and stuffing my face feels just as good”

thank god today was a healthy feel good day instead of laying on the couch eating chocolate feel good day. sometimes its hard to stay away from the sweets and the carbs, but you just have to think to yourself “how bad do you want this? how long have you wanted to be healthy and have the body of your dreams?” it all starts somewhere, and as little as one good day will bring you that much closer to your goal.

breakfast: egg white omelet [egg whites, reduced fat mozzarella cheese, smoked salmon, turkey breast]; green tea

lunch: salad [both fruit and vegetable]

  • fruit salad: strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe
  • vege salad: mesclun, chickpeas, grilled chicken, balsamic vinegarette

dinner: salmon, broccoli, craisins

exercise: i did myself a favor and went to the gym straight from work as i tend to slip up when i come home from work and all i want to do is eat. i ended up doing the stair master for 25 minutes and burned 554 calories!! after that i did a little bit of weight lifting and hit the showers.

i love the way i feel after a healthy day, definitely better than an unhealthy day; so i just have to hold onto this feeling and remember how good i felt when im too lazy to exercise or im craving chocolate, and before i know it, ill be looking great once again.


im backkk


i took some time off from blogging as i was really discouraged in not seeing any results since april and i decided i really needed to figure out what was going on with me, what was working, and what wasn’t..and now im back!!

losing weight is a difficult task, and trying to lose weight while you have pcos is even worse and i had to realize that this is going to take a while and its going to be really hard, but not impossible. i’ve decided that its consistency that’s what’s important and i wasnt being consistent before. i would be perfectly healthy one day, but then derail the next and so on. i think that’s really stunted my progress, and from now on im going to try and be as consistent as possible.

i also realized that yes, i have been working out a lot, but thats not what losing weight is all about. its only 30% exercise while the other 70% has to do with your diet. i was focusing so much on how much i worked out that what i ate didnt seem as important to me any more which was a HUGE mistake. but the best thing about making mistakes is that you learn from them, and im now shifting my focus more on the foods im eating rather than the calories im burning.

before i took my break, i was attempting the paleo diet, but i realized it just wasnt for me. carbs are what really hurts us, but telling myself i cant have any made me want to eat them more than when i wasnt doing paleo. im obviously going to keep my carb count down, never going over 100g a day, and ive been eating gluten free whenever possible, and i actually really like it.

all in really just here to say im not giving up..nor will i ever. you’re only given one body. so take care of it.

The Struggle Continues


its really frustrating when everyone around you, friends, family, even people you dont know are losing weight with no problem while im struggling to lose just one pound. i was talking to one friend today who has lost 16 maybe a quarter of the time ive been working at this and ive barely managed to lose 2. on top of that, my sister, who i watch eat bowls of ice cream while i stare at my salad has managed to lose 6 pounds, no problem.

my weight keeps fluctuating up and down a pound and i just feel worse and worse about myself. i work twice as hard as them and i dont even see half of the results that they do. how many books and articles and blogs do i need to read and how many doctors and specialists do i need to see for something to finally start working? its been two and a half months of trying to help my pcos and lose weight so i can be the healthy weight i used to be and nothing has worked.

sometimes i wonder if all this work is worth it if im not even losing weight

Weekly Workout Schedule: June 10-16


as i said, im going to update my workout calendar weekly as plans change all the time and its hard to schedule a months worth of here’s this weeks workout schedule


  • insanity [6am]


  • insanity [6am]
  • gym [pm]: stair master intervals [4o minutes]; ab work


  • insanity [am]
  • gym [pm]: treadmill intervals [30 min]; elliptical intervals [30 min]; leg work


  • spinning [6am]
  • insanity [pm]


  • insanity [am]


  • insanity [am]


  • gym: stair master intervals [40 min]; arm work
  • road run

June 9, 2013


today was a good day for me..i managed to get two workouts in as well as eat healthy and paleo and even had time to make some egg & turkey muffins for the morning.

breakfast: egg white omelet with chicken, salmon, and avocado; 1 cup frozen raspberries; green tea

lunch: protein shake

dinner: broccoli, salad, chicken breast

dessert: paleo cookie [will post recipe soon]

as for exercise..i went to the gym earlier today and did intervals on the stair master for 40 minutes which was not fun..and i also thought my legs were going to fall off, but i burned 611 calories so it was well worth it!!!

after that i did ab work for 20 minutes, and then at the end of the day i did a mile and a half road run since it was so nice out.

in total, i burned 785 calories while exercising today, which is great and made me feel awesome, and i cant wait to continue this pattern all week

My Workout Playlist


i would hate working out if it werent for my music keeping me focused and entertained, so here is my gym/workout playlist that i listen to every time i workout [on shuffle so there’s no specific order – i always update my playlist to keep things new and interesting]

  1. between the raindrops – lifehouse
  2. birthday cake – rihanna
  3. danza kuduro – don omar
  4. dont you worry child – swedish house mafia
  5. hall of fame – the script
  6. i knew you were trouble – taylor swift
  7. i made it – kevin rudolf
  8. imma shine – young bloodz
  9. kids – mgmt
  10. levels – avicii
  11. like a g6 – far east movement
  12. make it nasty – tyga
  13. make me proud- drake
  14. numb/encore – jay-z/linkin park
  15. princess of china – coldplay
  16. promises – nero
  17. say aah – trey songz
  18. scream & shout –
  19. the show goes on – lupe fiasco
  20. show me the money – petey pablo
  21. silhouettes – avicii
  22. slight work – wale
  23. sweet nothing – calvin harris
  24. titanium – david guetta
  25. up up & away – kid cudi
  26. work out – j. cole
  27. 300 violin orchestra – jorge quintero
  28. f*cking problems – a$ap rocky
  29. forever now – ne-yo
  30. i love it – icona pop
  31. feel this moment – pitbull
  32. all around the world – justin bieber
  33. chillin – wale
  34. please dont judge me – chris brown
  35. cant hold us – macklemore
  36. remember when – chris wallace
  37. alive – krewella
  38. clarity – zedd
  39. glowing – nikki williams
  40. next to me – emeli sande
  41. pursuit of happiness [steve aoki remix] – kid cudi
  42. if i lose myself – one republic
  43. radioactive – imagine dragons
  44. fall down –
  45. muthaf**ka up – tyga
  46. heres to never gowing up – avril lavigne
  47. i need your love – calvin harris
  48. the other side – jason derulo
  49. stereo hearts – gym class heroes
  50. we own it – 2 chainz & wiz khalifa
  51. safe and sound – capital cities
  52. battle scares – lupe fiasco
  53. cruise [nelly remix] – florida georgia line
  54. too close – alex clare
  55. rock that body – black eyed peas
  56. want u back – cher lloyd
  57. gangnam style – psy
  58. demons – imagine dragons
  59. sail – awolnation
  60. we cant stop – miley cyrus

i know 60 songs is a lot, but i get to listen to something different every time i work out, and having a variety is better than listening to the same songs over and over again. enjoy!

Future Plans


i said a while ago that i was starting the paleo diet to try and regulate my hormones and get my pcos symptoms under control, but i havent really been putting in an effort; the main reason i have not seen results in the mirror or on the scale. However, yesterday really sparked something in me, and i think im finally getting the hang of this whole eat like a caveman thing, and i think im going to be able to manage.

i picked up a couple new books at the library, one about the paleo diet so i can learn more about it, one about insulin resistance, and one about the glycemic index. im hoping these give me a better insight on how to fix all of my problems [and i will be sharing what i learn along the way].

as of right now, im planning on going full pale, no slip ups, just pure paleolithic eating for a month to really spark something in my body. As yesterday was the day that really worked for me, im going to do my month of pale from june 3rd to july 3rd..which also happens to be my birthday, and i would really like to see some results by then.

after that, i will be mostly paleo, but when im not, im going to eat gluten free foods only to keep my glycemic index in check. i was at whole foods today, a great food store that i love, and i found a whole isle of gluten free, organic food that i cannot wait to try.

going a month without mistakes and amping up my exercise regimen is going to be tough, especially when people around me eat whatever they want, but  i know i can do it and i know that i need to do it.

June 3, 2013


im proud to say i really kicked some f*cking ass today. mondays are the worst, and almost everyone hates monday, and while i wanted to hit that snooze button when my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, i told myself my body will get that much better after i work out. i did my insanity workout and boy was it intense..pure cardio today with no breaks in between exercises. i used my new watch to monitor my heart rate throughout the 40 minutes [warm up and cool down included] and i wound up burning 388 calories..great way to start the day! after that, i helped my body recover with a protein smoothie for breakfast and kept up the rest of the good eating for all my other meals:

breakfast: smoothie [1 cup mixed berries, 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop whey protein powder]

lunch: 3.5 oz. chicken breast, celery, raw, unsalted cashews, and a nectarine

dinner: huge bowl of broccoli; salad [lettuce, chickpeas, grilled chicken, carrots, avocado, balsamic vingarette dressing]

i work 830-430 monday- friday and my job is mostly sitting, so i realized that i really needed to amp up my exercise schedule to counteract the effects of sitting for 8 hours a day and gave myself a good workout at the gym afterwards. i did cardio for about an hour [not all the same, i did intervals and switched between basically every machine there], and burned about 645 calories! after that i did a few ab and leg exercises to finish off.

in total, i burned over 1000 calories today, which is a lot, so i made sure my body got enough nutrients. ive been saying over and over how i havent seen any results, but i figure by burning close to 1000 calories a day, my body and poor internal system will have to give in some how