What not to eat with PCOS


as i feel as though ive been eating healthy, but no good is coming out of it, i started to do some research and see if there were things that people with pcos shouldnt eat. and what do you know, there are.

i looked at many websites and found the same things:

  • sweets [desserts, sugary foods]
  • soft drinks/sports drinks
  • processed grains
  • refined carbs

while this seems like a large chuck of things you can cross off your shopping list, there are also alternative to eat instead. for example:

  • instead of a piece of cake or a cookie, you can have sugar free pudding or jello
  • instead of powerade, you can have powerade zero
  • instead of white sugar and white flour, go with whole wheat, whole grain, or brown rice

most of the information i found is from this website:


it was really helpful and had many different categories talking about pros, not just what you should and shouldnt be eating, but medicines and exercises as well. so take notes and edit that shopping list!!!


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