I was at Whole Foods the other week and noticed a product called Safslim, which has a line of “rebody weight loss products” While I am quite skeptical when it comes to diet pills and tricks, i did some research. The main ingredient in the Safslim i purchased, which was the Belly Fat Supplement, was safflower oil, which is high in mono/polyunsaturated fats [aka the good ones]. It is supposed to reduce belly fat and help maintain a healthy weight. Obviously diet and exercise is needed as well in order to achieve such results.

After contemplating for a while, i decided to try it. I started my use today, and as per directions, i am to take one tablespoon before meals twice daily. I’m anxious to see how it works, as the patent for the product is still pending and is a relatively new product.

An added bonus is that it tastes good and has three different flavors to choose from, but you must refrigerate it after you open the bottle.


For more information about safslim products, here is their website:


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