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Day Thirty: April 30, 2013


i gave my knee another days rest today, but im definitely going to try and get back to the gym tomorrow, even if its just for a little bit.

breakfast: safslim, yogurt

lunch: cheese stick, carrots with hummus

snack: cashews, mini fiber bar

dinner: natures valley peanut protein bar, sunflower seeds, crasins


Quote of the day 4/30/13


“Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.” ~Mark Victor Hansen

i tend to use my environment, being a college student living on campus with a meal plan, as an excuse to why my weight loss isnt going as planned. i recognize that fact that things will be easier once i am home in a short two weeks, as i can exercise whenever i want and choose what i eat rather than it being chosen for me, BUT i also shouldnt be using school as an excuse. while it is harder to lose weight and maintain a healthier diet here, it is not impossible, and i should be focusing on what i can do better instead of what is holding me back.

Day 29, April 29, 2013


i was pretty pumped to go to the gym today as i prepared a workout last night, however, ive been having problems with my knee since i woke up. its only when i walk and its the back that has pain while the bone just going to rest it for a few days as i think its from walking so much over the weekend. if not, ill be sure to get it checked out.

as i knew i wouldnt be getting in a lot of exercise except my walks around campus, i tried to limit what i was eating, but slipped up by eating dessert anyways. however, instead of picking up a huge chocolate chip cookie, i chose a home made, low sugar rice krispie treat instead

breakfast: green tea, high antioxidant berry drink, egg white omelet with mozzarella

lunch: cheese stick, carrots with hummus, goldfish

dinner: turkey sandwich

dessert: rice krispie treat

im also entering finals and while getting exercise is very important to me, so are my grades. along with my knee taking me away from my exercise for the next couple of days, im going to try and make it to the gym as much as possible, but my school work will get a higher priority for the next two weeks

Quote of the day 4/25/13


“To succeed you must first improve, to improve you must first practice, to practice you must first learn, to learn you must first fail.” ~Wesley Woo

as i posted earlier, today was my third weigh in and it ended up being my first weight gain since i have started. however, i know that i cant be perfect and that the important part is to learn from my mistakes, and knowing what those mistakes are. my mistakes always start with the weekend when everyone goes out and has a good time; but i realize all of these “good times” prevent me from getting in my daily exercise and eating right.

ive learned from making my mistakes that a lot of my energy has to go towards the weekend to make sure i eat right and exercise so i improve instead of going backwards

weigh in #3


well im not gunna say im surprised that i stepped on the scale this morning and gained weight instead of losing it. my weekends really set me up for failure and im going to try and fix that this weekend, being healthy all of the time instead of just during the week.

while i am disappointed in myself for not being more motivated and in control, im not going to get discouraged because it was only a 0.2 lb increase, and it could have been a lot worse. im still down from what i started at and im going to move forward which is whats important

i had a really successful day yesterday and was completely satisfied when i went to bed at night, a goal i am going to set for myself every day. eating poorly and not getting enough exercise is not worth the disappointment i feel at the end of the people say, “food doesnt taste as good as skinny feels”

Day 24: April 24, 2013


im finally starting to feel back on track. i love how good i feel when i eat healthy and get enough exercise. i just have more energy and feel better about myself. hopefully this compels me to continue with success so i can feel good all of the time.

breakfast: egg white omelet with mozzarella, high antioxidant berry drink; green tea

lunch: salad [mixed greens, grilled chicken, chickpeas, cucumbers, carrots, fat free italian dressing]

dinner: sandwich [wheat bread, turkey, american cheese, lettuce]; side salad with lite italian dressing

Push up challenge update


so i noticed i havent really been keeping up with my pushups. however, im tired of falling behind with my goals, so as today i am supposed to do 3 sets of 9 push ups, im making sure to write it down in my workout so i do it, no excuses.

pushups are a very good exercise as you are using your own weight to make yourself stronger. i want defined arms, not flabby chicken wings, so pushups are the way to go, and if i want the results im hoping for, i need to keep up with them.

Today’s workout


elliptical intervals [25 minutes]

  • minutes 0-5  @ resistance 10
  • minutes 5-6  @ resistance 11
  • minutes 6-8 @ resistance 13
  • minutes 8-9 @ resistance 15
  • minutes 9-10 @ resistance 11
  • minutes 10-12 @ 13
  • 12-13 @ 15
  • 13-14 @ 11
  • 14–16 @ 13
  • 16-17 @ 15
  • 17-18 @ 11
  • 18-20 @ 13
  • 20-21 @ 15
  • 21-23 @ 13
  • 23-25 @ 10

today i am focusing mainly on leg exercises as well as my pushups of course. so among the exercises i will be doing are:

  • leg press [machine]
  • quad raise [machine]
  • hamstring [machine]
  • calf press [machine]
  • single leg lifts

its always important to have water with you when you work out as you need to stay hydrated, and try drinking up to 8 glasses a day.

Quote of the Day 4/24/13


“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” ~Zig Ziglar

ive been lacking motivation lately and not making any progress. but i need to realize that motivation isnt going to just happen for me..i need to wake up and tell myself, today i am going to be healthy and i will not make any decisions i will regret. its something that is in fact as important as a shower. obviously if you dont shower, youll be smelly and gross; the same grossness i will feel if i dont motivate myself every day to be healthy. i know that if i stick to it, ill be happy in the end which is all i want.

Day 23 April 23, 2013


i woke up pretty late today, around 12, which is very unusual for me seeing as i am typically a morning person. so im taking it as my body telling me i am exhausted and not getting enough sleep. sleep is critical when it comes to being a healthy weight and i am simply sabotaging myself by staying up late at night and not getting the 7-9 hours i need. so tonight, i am going to bed early to try and fix my sleeping pattern.

since i woke up late, my meals were sort of mixed up and at awkward times. i think i did well with the eating except i ate some tortilla chips with dinner and they were not whole grain. i want to be able to eat healthy everyday without any white flour or sugar as i know they are really unhealthy for a person with pcos.

as i stated before, i want to have a completely healthy week, no tortilla chips involved. so while today was successful and i went to the gym and got a good workout, my fully healthy week starts tomorrow and then will continue hopefully for the rest of my life and until i can get rid of my pcos